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Mobile Marketing. Are you ready for next generation marketing?

Ceri James, CIO at Blue Magnet, and delegate on the Mobitainment hosted industry-accredited mCordis Professional Qualification in Mobile Marketing, asks the question… What is Mobile Marketing and how can brands gear up for next generation, connected marketing? For James’ answer and a video interview with course co-creator Paul Berney of mCordis… Read more

Video Interview James & Berney

Mobitainment hosting a mobile marketing qualification course with mCordis

   Do you want to be a trailblazer in the mobile space? Join Mobitainment and mCordis in March 2017 for the first industry-accredited Professional Qualification in Mobile Marketing. Understand the current state of mobile-influenced consumer behaviour and its impact on marketing Mobitainment will host mCordis, the mobile and connected marketing education and advisory service company […]