About Us

Mobitainment is mobile-first marketing technology consultancy

Mobitainment is a mobile-first marketing technology consultancy that specialises in reaching the majority of Africans from the high earners to the lower income consumer on entry level phones.

Smart marketing on non-smart phones… as well as smart phones.

The company has pioneered the use of a number of technologies to create campaigns that not only produce measurable marketing results for clients, but are also relevant and accessible to the consumer market in South Africa.

As active leaders in the mobile marketing industry, Mobitainment advises both brands and agencies on how best to use and integrate technology to achieve their marketing objectives, grow a data base of consumers and most importantly, to talk to and listen to their target markets.

Founded in 2006, Mobitainment has won multiple international awards over the past 8 years for the creation of mobile campaigns that are personal, fun and simple. Mobitainment earned the coveted title of “Organisation of the Year 2013” from the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa showing not only their contribution to mobile, but the importance of mobile as a medium to achieve measurable return on investment.


What makes us different…

We create brand loyalty for commodity products, by reaching consumers on their phones. We do that by helping marketers to translate technology to achieve marketing results – making it personal, fun and simple. We specialise in reaching the lower income consumer on entry level phones.

We have created campaigns that drive hundreds of thousands of entries because of our 3 success factors we pioneered:

Free Entry Mechanism

Multi-language – speaking to South Africans in their language

• Using celebrities to grab the consumers attention and make them feel special

Some examples of the solutions we were first to bring to market were:

  • Using FMS (Free Messaging Solution) our “Missed Call” technology as a FREE entry mechanism for competitions
  • Using Automated Voice Messaging as a marketing tool in competitions and as a lead generator, like our Interactive Call Back Ads, which trigger a free call to the customer
  • Creation of user-generated Personalised Audio clips to create a personalised brand awareness experience like personalise our next ad, or create your own Ringtone!
  • Other innovative voice technologies like Sponsored Calls and On Demand Mobile Radio

We are the exclusive mobile partners for:

AutoReach Logo AutoReach offers a very unique touch point with a mobile audience on their way to a holiday destination, sports or cultural event, with a relaxed frame of mind and spending power. With a cellphone within their reach, you have the opportunity to plan not only for the people you want to reach, but also for the people they reach.In August 2015 AutoReach partnered with Mobitainment, offering you cutting edge technology for your mobile campaigns using AutoReach as a platform.
ON THE DOT ON THE DOT is largest multi-channel media logistics company in South Africa. By adding a mobile call to action to your message, we will turn this communication device into a “selling machine” for you!


We are proud members of:

Home Our founder, Candice Goodman, is on the Advisory Board of the Mobile Marketing Association of South Africa (MMA) and headed up the Education committee for the past 5 years. She was the first Certified Mobile Marketer in SA.
IAB We are also members of other industry bodies like the IAB (formerly known as the DMMA, Digital Marketing & Media Association).
DMA logo and Direct Marketing Association (DMA).