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Social & Mobile get even closer in 2018

When social meets mobile, we see the best of both in our digital world… Let’s explore their journey as their relationship gets even closer as 2018 approaches, and how we can leverage what they offer us as marketers in Africa. Marketers all talk of South Africa, and Africa, as being ‘mobile first’, but at Mobitainment […]

Social and Mobile

Mobitainment is now a 51% Black Female Owned Enterprise

Mobitainment is proud to announce that it has recently achieved a Level 2 on the Revised B-BBEE Codes of Conduct and also transformed to a 51% Black Female Owned Enterprise through the Candigital Educational Trust.  This level will allow its clients to receive 125% on their BBBEE Procurement recognition when utilising Mobitainment’s services.   Empowering […]

The Meet ‘n Greet of Social & Mobile

  As early as 2010 Google started preparing the world to become ‘mobile first’, and we’ve come a long way in the past few years. Marketers now talk of South Africa, and Africa, as being ‘mobile first’, but I’m going one step further. I believe marketers must view South Africa and Africa as ‘mobile always’. […]

Social and Mobile

Video Interview James & Berney

Mobile Marketing. Are you ready for next generation marketing?

Ceri James, CIO at Blue Magnet, and delegate on the Mobitainment hosted industry-accredited mCordis Professional Qualification in Mobile Marketing, asks the question… What is Mobile Marketing and how can brands gear up for next generation, connected marketing? For James’ answer and a video interview with course co-creator Paul Berney of mCordis… Read more

Mobitainment hosting a mobile marketing qualification course with mCordis

   Do you want to be a trailblazer in the mobile space? Join Mobitainment and mCordis in March 2017 for the first industry-accredited Professional Qualification in Mobile Marketing. Understand the current state of mobile-influenced consumer behaviour and its impact on marketing Mobitainment will host mCordis, the mobile and connected marketing education and advisory service company […]

RedBull KasLami_Fun Fame Fortune Free

The 4 F Words of Gamification: Fun, Fame & Fortune for Free on your Phone

These 4 “F words” of gamification are the key success factors in the recently multi-award winning Red Bull Kas’Lami Tembisa campaign: Fun, Fame & Fortune for Free on your Phone. The Game Plan Simply put gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanisms in a non-game context. It is defined as “the process […]