SHOPPER INSIGHTS: Today’s Tech Tips Marketers can use to Save the Shopper Money

Top on the shopper’s mind today is that she needs to save her money – and that includes when you ask her to use her mobile phone to enter a competition and engage with your brand.

from September 2019

Introducing the First Ever Single-Brand Rewards Programme in South Africa – Royco Rewards

Think of Rewards or Loyalty Programmes, and immediately your mind goes to the retail store brands, like Clicks or Dis-Chem. Why have we not yet seen a loyalty programme rewarding customers for their regular purchase of a single brand? Because, historically there has been the big challenge of proving that the shopper actually bought the product in order to reward them, especially for brands enjoyed by the mass-market of South Africa.

Today, through the collaboration of client and marketing specialists Mobitainment, ARC South Africa, and Asakhane, we are proud to say that we have beat that challenge by enabling smart technology…

from November 2018

Mobitainment reaches 11 Consecutive Years of International Marketing Awards

The path paved in gold, silver and bronze…


Mobitainment’s path over the past 11 years has been paved in gold, silver and bronze:

from October 2018

Mobitainment is now a 51% Black Female Owned Enterprise

Mobitainment is proud to announce that it has recently achieved a Level 2 on the Revised B-BBEE Codes of Conduct and also transformed to a 51% Black Female Owned Enterprise through the Candigital Educational Trust.

 This level will allow its clients to receive 125% on their BBBEE Procurement recognition when utilising Mobitainment’s services

from April 2018

The 6C Checklist for a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Here is a quick checklist to ensure a successful digital campaign that delivers on the promise of Change, by unpacking the 6 Cs of Digital Marketing.

It all starts with identifying the change…

CHANGE: What is the Change Objective you want to achieve?

CONSUMER: What is the human truth, or insight, you have discovered?

CAMPAIGN: What is the big idea that will deliver on that insight?

CHANNEL: What choice of channel do you give your audience to reach and engage with you?

CREATIVE: How will you execute the campaign across the different channels?

CONSEQUENCES: How will you measure what you want to achieve?

from March 2018

Social & Mobile get even closer in 2018

When social meets mobile, we see the best of both in our digital world…

Let’s explore their journey as their relationship gets even closer as 2018 approaches, and how we can leverage what they offer us as marketers in Africa.

from February 2018

Mobile Marketing. Are you ready for next generation marketing?

What is Mobile Marketing and how can brands gear up for next generation, connected marketing?

from March 2017