We translate technology into marketing results by helping you communicate with your customers and prospective customers using the mobile phone.

These are the Marketing channels we use to reach out and touch the heart of your customer:

Mobitainment Mobile bullseye

Mobitainment Mobile bulls-eye

Step 1: Get their cell phone number

  • SMS Short Code, USSD, FMS (Free Messaging Service), Mobile Advertising, Location Point Advertising

Step 2: Provide a mobile home for info

  • Mobisite, USSD, Mobile Apps, Facebook

Step 3: Invite them over >> Via Messaging

  • SMS, MMS, Automated Voice Message (AVM), Mobile Survey, Twitter

Step 4: Thank you!

  • Mobile Content, Instant Gratification Prizes, Airtime Rewards


What we can assist with

Not only do we help you to use Marketing tools and technology, especially mobile, to reach your marketing objectives, but we have pioneered some proudly SA and Internationally Award winning solutions to building your customer base, talk to them and listen to what they have to say to you. Thereby taking your message to the masses and building a strong relationship between your brand and your target market.


We have pioneered the use of technology created in South Africa to be able to reach, engage and build relationships with the lower income market that doesn’t have a smartphone and can only use technology like SMS, USSD and voice on their phones eg. Interactive Call-back ad format (Triggering a voice call back from print ads).


Some examples of the solutions we were first to bring to market were:

  • Using FMS (Free Messaging Solution) our technology as a FREE entry mechanism for competitions
  • Using Automated Voice Messaging  as a marketing tool in competitions and as a lead generator, like our Interactive Call Back Ads, which trigger a free call to the customer
  • Creation of user-generated Personalised Audio clips to create a personalised brand awareness experience like personalise our next ad, or create your own Ringtone!


We have listened to our customers’ needs and developed the following platforms to assist:


    Mobile Messaging platform that hosts your customer database and allows you to send out personalised, customised, filtered and targeted messages without any technical knowledge.

mobi Airtime

    We use this to send out airtime. This has been extended to allocate random prizes from a “Lucky Packet” of airtime of various networks and denominations, according to allocated budget.

mobi Rate

    This service allows consumers to rate the customer service received via personalised SMS on a numeric scale, and also interprets words and phrases and translates them into a numeric value.