Date: 2021/02/23

From Mobile First to Mobile Forced – What SA Marketers need to know… Opportunity: Video + Data?

With a reported 98% of South African Internet users watching videos online before lockdown, and the increased viewings on YouTube during lockdown, as reported by the same Kantar survey in Apr 2020, it was found that YouTube experienced a net 70% increase as a media channel over the previous month before lockdown.

But the opportunity for marketers is in making the video engaging and relevant to the viewer… How? By combining video and data to create a personalised and/or interactive video experience.

A Personalised video can include the viewer’s name, embedded in the image of the video, as well as spoken in audio, together with personal information like policy details and amounts unique to them.

An Interactive video allows the viewer to click on hotspot buttons in the video, or enter personal info, which can then determine the course of the next scene of the video. This becomes extremely powerful for lead generation, as you educate your prospect, pre-qualify their interest, and gather their contact details as well as permission to contact them, all within video.

These videos can be sent at key moments to drive customer engagement (welcome videos, loyalty programmes year in review, cross-sales, and customer service) and are extremely useful to educate your customer and thank them for their time with a reward.

This is a great award-winning example of how interactive videos were used to educate South Africans about protecting themselves and others around COVID-19 – provided “data free” to the consumer: 

Real Heroes Connect

Funded by the Health & Welfare Seta to educate SA on how to take action & flatten the C-19 curve, we created 9 interactive mobile videos for the Real Heroes Connect Series: zero-rated, gamified, with in-video quiz voiced in 4 languages to transcend communication barriers.

Awards: Mobile Marketing Association Smarties SA: Mobile Video – Silver Winner, Business Unusual Brand Purpose – Silver Winner, Social Responsibility – Bronze Winner

Assegai Awards 2020 – Leader in Craft Awards - Most Effective Use of Content

(In collaboration with Talent Brand, TTRO and Blue Magnet).

View Case Study with video

FedHealth “Made For You”

In 2019, medical aid FedHealth, launched their revolutionary new flexiFED medical aid packages. Although the changes were designed to give their customers more choice, flexibility and save them BIG, they just weren’t understanding how it worked and were getting frustrated! So, they sent out an email & SMS, direct to each one, personally, with a video made Just For Them!

Fedhealth… Personalised Video… Made for you, one member at a time.

Awards: Bookmark Awards 2020 - Bronze Best USE OF DATA, Craft Bronze in EXCELLENCE IN SOFTWARE, CODING & TECHNICAL INNOVATION (In collaboration with TCHM Marketing & Advertising)

View Case Study

Top Take-Aways

 Here are our top 3 key take-aways to enable technology for this mobile forced audience to…

1. Overcoming the Challenge of Cost of Airtime and Data? Reverse Bill to sponsor the costs of your Mobi-sites, Apps, USSD, SMS Short Codes and SMS Replies

2. Leverage the trend of instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp Business? Use a Chatbot to optimize your business communications.

3. Take Advantage of the Opportunity of Video? Combine Video + Data to create a Personalised & Interactive Video Experience that is engaging and collaborative.

Meet Candice Goodman…

Candice Goodman was awarded the DMA’s Direct Marketer of the Year in 2016 and is currently a Non-Executive Board Member of the Direct Marketing Association. She is also on the Education Committee of the IAB. Candice headed Education at the Mobile Marketing Association of SA for over 5 years, and was on the MMA Advisory Board as Chairman, as well as the first Certified MMA Mobile Marketer in South Africa.

 She founded mobile marketing technology enabler, Mobitainment, in 2006, winning multiple awards over the past 14 years. Mobitainment earned the coveted title of “#1 Technology Provider in Africa, #4 in EMEA, and #8 globally” from the MMA Global in 2018.

About Mobitainment…

Mobitainment is a mobile technology enabler, translating technical skill into business solutions and marketing results. Collaboration, integration, relevance, and personalization are the keys to mobile marketing success, allowing marketers to build long-lasting, loyal relationships with these on-the-go consumers.

Our focus is to deliver happiness to our clients by offering dedicated care, service, and expertise, so that you can deliver happiness to yours!

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